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    Acrylic nails can cause discomfort, especially on the first day, due to several reasons. First, the application process involves filing and buffing the natural nail surface to create a rough texture for better adhesion of the acrylic material. This filing can sometimes lead to temporary sensitivity or pain, especially if the nails were filed too aggressively or if the nail bed is sensitive.

    Second, the chemicals used in acrylic nail products, such as the liquid monomer and the powder polymer, can cause a mild burning sensation during and immediately after application. This sensation is usually temporary and subsides as the nails dry and harden.

    Third, improper application or fitting of the acrylic nails can also contribute to discomfort. If the nails are too tight or too long, they can put pressure on the nail bed or surrounding skin, leading to pain or discomfort. It’s important to ensure that the acrylic nails are applied correctly and comfortably to minimize any initial discomfort.

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