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    Gel nails themselves don’t inherently damage your nails, but improper application or removal can lead to problems. When applied correctly by a professional or following proper guidelines at home, gel nails can actually strengthen and protect your natural nails. Gel polish is formulated to be durable and long-lasting, which can reduce the need for frequent nail maintenance and prevent chipping or breakage.

    However, problems can arise if gel nails are applied too thickly or if they are improperly removed. Thick layers of gel can put pressure on your natural nails, potentially leading to weakness or breakage when the gel is removed. Improper removal techniques, such as peeling off the gel or using harsh chemicals, can also damage the nail bed and surrounding skin. It’s crucial to follow proper removal procedures, which often involve soaking the nails in acetone and gently pushing off the softened gel.

    In summary, gel nails can be a great option for durable and long-lasting manicures, but it’s essential to ensure they are applied and removed correctly to avoid damaging your natural nails. Professional application and removal, along with proper nail care practices, can help maintain the health and strength of your nails while enjoying the benefits of gel polish.

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