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    UV gel can be painful for several reasons. First, the application process involves exposing the nails to UV light, which can generate heat. This heat can be uncomfortable, especially if the gel is applied too thickly or if the UV lamp used emits high levels of heat. Additionally, if the gel is not applied evenly or if there are air bubbles trapped underneath, it can cause uneven curing and subsequent discomfort.

    Second, some people may experience sensitivity or allergic reactions to the chemicals present in UV gel products. These reactions can range from mild irritation to severe pain and swelling. It’s essential to choose high-quality gel products and follow proper application techniques to minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

    Lastly, improper removal of UV gel nails can also lead to pain. If the gel is not soaked and gently pushed off, it can damage the natural nail bed, causing pain and discomfort. It’s crucial to seek professional assistance for gel nail removal to ensure a safe and pain-free process.

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