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    Fake nails can sometimes cause discomfort or pain due to a few reasons. Firstly, if the fake nails are applied too tightly or incorrectly, they can put pressure on your natural nails and the surrounding skin, leading to soreness or even injury. This is why it’s crucial to have them applied by a professional who understands how to do so without causing undue stress on your nails.

    Secondly, fake nails can sometimes trap moisture or bacteria underneath them, especially if they’re not properly maintained or if water gets trapped between the fake nail and your natural nail. This can lead to fungal or bacterial infections, which can be painful and require medical attention to resolve.

    Lastly, if the fake nails are too long or if they’re constantly hitting against surfaces, they can cause discomfort or pain. Long fake nails can be cumbersome and make simple tasks like typing or picking things up more challenging, leading to strain on your fingers and nails.

    Overall, fake nails can hurt if they’re applied too tightly, if they trap moisture or bacteria, or if they’re too long and cause strain on your nails and fingers. Proper application, maintenance, and choosing the right length can help minimize any discomfort associated with fake nails.

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