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    One nail gel that is often praised for being gentle on nails is the “gel-like” polish systems that don’t require UV or LED curing. These polishes typically provide a gel-like finish without the need for harsh curing methods, reducing the risk of nail damage. Look for brands that specifically mention being “gel-like” or “gel effect” without UV/LED curing.

    Another option is to opt for professional-grade gel polishes that are formulated to be gentle on nails. These gels often contain ingredients that promote nail health and minimize damage during application and removal. Choosing a reputable brand known for quality and nail-friendly formulas can help protect your nails while enjoying the benefits of gel polish.

    Additionally, practicing good nail care habits can also contribute to minimizing damage. This includes using a protective base coat before applying any nail polish, being gentle during removal by using acetone-free removers or soaking nails in gentle formulas, and giving your nails breaks between gel manicures to allow them to recover and strengthen.

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