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    Normal skin typically has a balanced pattern characterized by neither excessive oiliness nor dryness. It appears smooth, soft, and supple with a consistent texture across different areas of the face. Normal skin is generally free from major skin concerns like acne, redness, or visible pores, giving it a naturally radiant and healthy appearance.

    One of the defining features of normal skin is its ability to maintain moisture levels effectively. It strikes a harmonious balance between producing enough natural oils to keep the skin hydrated without causing an overly greasy or shiny look. This balance contributes to a youthful and glowing complexion, often making normal skin the envy of those with other skin types.

    People with normal skin often enjoy a simpler skincare routine compared to those with oily, dry, or combination skin. Their skincare focus may involve gentle cleansing to remove impurities, moisturizing to maintain hydration, and sun protection to prevent UV damage. Overall, normal skin represents a state of equilibrium where the skin functions optimally, resulting in a clear, healthy, and naturally beautiful appearance.

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