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    Certain foods can exacerbate acne by triggering hormonal fluctuations, inflammation, and excess oil production in the skin. One culprit is high-glycemic-index foods like white bread, sugary snacks, and processed cereals. These foods can spike blood sugar levels rapidly, leading to increased insulin production. Elevated insulin levels can stimulate the production of androgens, which in turn can boost sebum (oil) production and clog pores, contributing to acne formation.

    Dairy products, particularly milk, contain hormones and growth factors that can influence the skin’s oil production and promote inflammation. Research suggests that consuming dairy products, especially skim milk, may increase the risk of developing acne. Additionally, dairy can also worsen existing acne due to its potential to trigger inflammatory responses in the body, leading to more severe breakouts.

    Fried and greasy foods, such as fast food, fried chicken, and potato chips, can contribute to acne by increasing inflammation in the body. These foods are often high in unhealthy fats, which can disrupt the balance of essential fatty acids in the skin and promote inflammatory responses. Overconsumption of fried and greasy foods can also lead to oxidative stress, further aggravating acne-prone skin.

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