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    Fake nails are commonly known as “nail enhancements” or “artificial nails.” These are cosmetic coverings applied over natural nails to enhance their appearance or length. Nail enhancements can be made from various materials such as acrylic, gel, or press-on nails.

    Acrylic nails are made by combining a liquid monomer with a powder polymer to create a durable and hard layer over the natural nails. Gel nails, on the other hand, are made from a gel-like substance that is cured under a UV or LED lamp to harden. Press-on nails are pre-made artificial nails that can be easily applied and removed without the need for professional salon services.

    These fake nails offer a convenient way to achieve different nail looks, from natural and subtle to elaborate and artistic designs. They are popular choices for special occasions, events, or for individuals who want long-lasting nail enhancements without the maintenance of traditional nail polish.

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