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    Determining whether your skin is sensitive or normal involves understanding its reactions to various stimuli. Sensitivity often manifests as redness, irritation, or a stinging sensation in response to certain products or environmental factors like sun exposure or harsh weather. If you notice such reactions frequently, your skin may lean towards sensitivity. On the other hand, normal skin typically tolerates a wide range of products and environmental conditions without significant adverse effects. It appears balanced, with minimal irritation or redness.

    To assess your skin type more accurately, consider how it behaves under different circumstances. For example, if your skin reacts strongly to new skincare products with itching or burning sensations, it’s likely sensitive. Conversely, if it remains relatively calm and doesn’t react strongly even to changes in routine or environment, it’s more indicative of normal skin. Observing how your skin responds to various factors over time can provide valuable insights into its sensitivity level.

    Consulting with a dermatologist can also help clarify your skin type. They can perform tests or evaluations to determine your skin’s sensitivity and provide personalized recommendations for skincare routines and products. Remember that understanding your skin type is essential for choosing the right skincare products and routines to keep your skin healthy and balanced.

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