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    Both moisturizer and oil can be beneficial for dry skin, but they serve slightly different purposes. Moisturizers typically contain a mix of water, humectants (like glycerin or hyaluronic acid), and emollients (such as shea butter or ceramides). They work by hydrating the skin and forming a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. Moisturizers are versatile and come in various formulations, from lightweight lotions to richer creams, allowing you to choose based on your skin’s needs.

    On the other hand, oils are more concentrated and typically consist of natural oils like jojoba, argan, or coconut oil. They can provide intense hydration and nourishment to dry skin by replenishing lipid levels and supporting the skin’s natural barrier function. Oils are particularly beneficial for locking in moisture and can be used alone or mixed with moisturizers to enhance their hydrating properties.

    The best approach for dry skin often involves a combination of both moisturizer and oil. Start with a hydrating moisturizer to provide immediate moisture and then layer a few drops of a suitable oil on top to seal in hydration and add extra nourishment. This combination can help restore your skin’s moisture balance and leave it feeling soft, supple, and healthy.

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