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    To identify your skin type, start by cleansing your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt, and oil. After patting your skin dry, wait for about 30 minutes without applying any skincare products. This waiting period allows your skin to return to its natural state, free from external influences. Once the time is up, observe how your skin feels and looks.

    For oily skin, you’ll notice a shiny appearance, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Your pores may appear enlarged, and you might experience frequent breakouts or acne. Combination skin typically has an oily T-zone but drier cheeks. Dry skin feels tight and rough, with possible flakiness or patches of dryness. Normal skin is balanced, neither too oily nor too dry, with small pores and few blemishes.

    Lastly, perform a simple blotting test by pressing a clean tissue against different areas of your face. Oily skin will leave noticeable oil on the tissue, while dry or normal skin will show minimal to no oil residue. By combining these observations, you can accurately determine your skin type and tailor your skincare routine accordingly.

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