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    To achieve a darker complexion, there are a few methods you can try. Firstly, spending time in the sun can naturally darken your skin through the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. However, it’s crucial to protect your skin from UV damage by using sunscreen with a high SPF and seeking shade during peak sun hours to prevent sunburn and premature aging.

    Another option is using self-tanning products. These come in various forms such as lotions, sprays, and mousses, and can provide a temporary darker skin tone without the risks associated with UV exposure. Ensure to exfoliate your skin beforehand for an even application, and choose a product that matches your desired shade for a natural-looking tan.

    Lastly, certain makeup techniques can also create the illusion of darker skin. Using bronzer and contouring products can add depth and warmth to your complexion, giving the appearance of a sun-kissed glow. Blend these products well for a seamless finish, and consider consulting with a makeup artist for personalized advice on achieving your desired look.

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