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    To determine your natural skin color, you can start by observing your skin tone when it’s free of makeup or any skincare products. Find a well-lit area with natural light, preferably near a window, and look at your skin in a mirror. Take note of the undertones you see: are they warm (yellow, peach, or golden), cool (pink, red, or blue), or neutral (a mix of warm and cool tones)? Understanding your undertones can give you a clearer idea of your natural skin color.

    Another method is to compare your skin to various foundation shades. Visit a beauty store with a wide range of foundation colors and swatch a few shades on your jawline or wrist. Choose shades that closely match your skin without blending in completely. This can help you identify your skin’s hue, whether it’s fair, medium, olive, deep, or another shade.

    Lastly, consider how your skin reacts to sun exposure. Does it tan easily, burn quickly, or stay the same color? Your skin’s response to sunlight can indicate its natural pigmentation level. By combining these methods, you can gain a better understanding of your natural skin color and make informed decisions about skincare and makeup choices.

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