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    Gel nails are generally safe when applied and maintained properly. The process involves applying a gel-based polish to your natural nails and then curing it under a UV or LED lamp. When done correctly by a trained technician, gel nails can last longer than traditional nail polish and provide a glossy, durable finish. However, improper application or overuse of gel nails can lead to potential risks.

    One concern with gel nails is the exposure to UV light during the curing process. While the amount of UV exposure is relatively low and unlikely to cause harm in occasional salon visits, frequent or prolonged exposure can increase the risk of skin damage. To minimize this risk, you can use broad-spectrum sunscreen on your hands before the nail appointment or opt for LED lamps that emit less UV radiation.

    Additionally, improper removal of gel nails can damage your natural nails. It’s crucial to follow the correct removal process, which typically involves soaking the nails in acetone and gently pushing off the softened gel. Avoid peeling or forcefully removing the gel, as this can weaken and thin your nails. Overall, with proper care and moderation, gel nails can be a safe and stylish choice for enhancing your manicure.

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